Ananas Foundation

Cryptohouse introduces Ananas, a non-profit foundation that promotes peace and against hatred with technology. At Ananas they build a platform to promote your own understanding community or others and their are believe that the best way to understand others is just talk to them. While you may start with a very different world view, if you find the same language and perspective, you can gain a better understanding than reading something that is less trustworthy and dubious. they provide an easy-to-use tool that can be used to better understand the main texts. Their goal for the future is to make accurate digital text accessible to everyone. and can provide accurate information. by correcting the information they intend to give understanding to everyone so as to create peace and reduce the propaganda of hatred spread by irresponsible people

The most pressing, the Internet fails for those who seek reliable information about Islam. Our first project, the Holy Quran, the project allows people to dig up the core Islamic texts, get help from individual knowledge and make better decisions about their own beliefs for created peace.  Ananas is run by a team diffrent of faith backgrounds from diverse cultures and professionals. We all share a common goal to fight hatred by building and supporting people to keep peace, and our mission is made possible by blockchain technology.

We invite you to join us in our mission. For more information and details of this project please visit and for whitepaper of the project

Authored by bitcointalk username: Aba

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