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Searching  for a residential property is not easy to do, we have to determine the distance where we work with us work or study, and also must consider our funds of  renting the property. there are several things to know before making a lease transaction property as described below

  1. Many tenants have written agreements, but formal contracts between lanlords and tenants are always there even if there are no records. This verbal contract is a little more difficult to comply with when there is no eyewitness or evidence at the time of the agreement. If you are facing a problem with an agreement such as repairing a damaged facility, or the lanlord not fulfilling the words already discussed at the start of the contract
  2. No small possibility of the apartment lanlord to sell the property with you still live there. When the lanlord has moved hands, you have the right to know who the new lanlord is. The terms and preliminary agreement when starting your contract with you is still valid even if you have changed hands.
  3. When the contract will expire, usually the lanlord of the apartment will offer to extend the contract. If you extend the contract, the lanlord of the apartment may raise the rental price. If you do not agree with the increase in rental rates, you can try negotiations and if not approved, you may think not to extend the contract.

to prevent losses on both sides of both the tenant or the lanlord, if one of them breaks the rules This is where the Rent Token enters instead of making a payment for a direct deposit to your homelanlord hire the token placed in a smart contract for your rental period and in the end If the tenant breaks the contract then the money will be distributed to the lanlord. If the tenant does not violate their lease terms then the tenant can have it

confirmation that their Lanlord did not spend their deposit before the lease expired. with Rent Token all transactions by lanlords and tenants will be recorded through smart contracts using blockchain technology

Rent Token will be the first cryptocurrency to directly partner and work with real estate sales and rental gencies and websites to promote adoption and everyday use of the coin. After the ICO has been completed the rent token team  will also be purchasing and developing our own group of duplexes and townhouses to be leased that offer a 10% deposit discount and 2% monthly rental payment discount when payments are made with rent token. These rental properties will also be used as a proof of concept to early adopters and potential clients.The Rent Token team will also offer and implement a full renting  ecosystem including frontend support for tenants and extensive backend support for landlords.

Rent Token is also one of the first cryptocurrencies that will implement a token buy back and burn program after 6 months of deployment. The Buyback the program will begin with token buy back price of $ 0.10 per token increase every 2 months until it reaches a hard cap of $ 0.20 per token with a total of 20,000-600,000 tokens bought back each month for 2 years based off rental income of the project start once our first funding goal of 10,000,000 RENT Tokens have been reached, in total 90% of all income from Rent Tokens rental properties will go to the buyback program.

Road Map

  • August 2017 Partnering with coin exchanges begins for token pre-listing
  • September 2nd ICO Begins
  • October 23rd ICO Ends
  • November 2017 Hiring and extensive marketing campaign connecting with real estate agencies and eveloping relationships with existing  landlords to establish lasting ties
  • December 2017 Development of network to support homeowners and landlords in selling and leasing their properties with rent token.
  • Q1 2018 Full real estate ecosystem including a rental listing system and backend support for landlords such as property maintenance contracts with rent token will be implemented.
  • February 2018 Buyback Program begins
  • The ICO will begin with an initial goal of $1,000,000 and a hard cap of $15,000,000
  • Total Tokens will be 500,000,000 with 150,000,000 tokens for the ICO sale @ $0.10 per token

For more  information please visit

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  2. Whitepaper
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