Today many websites and apk are circulating on the internet ranging from the web about services and sales up to online gambling, one of which will be discussed here about the lottery, it’s done by way offered through the web to attract consumers to buy the lottery to get the prize with system if the lottery numbers listed on one of the consumers is out, this lottery is not something new anymore this has been running for a long time

With Smartbillions being the first centralized and transparent lottery managed by the Ethereum smart contract. all transactions involving the sweepstakes and bets are public with the assumption that all transactions are transparent and public. the transaction is recorded in etherium blockchain. Without 3rd party involvement, Only 0.25% accessible lotteries for smart contract operation.

The purpose of Smartbillions is to revolutionize the long-standing industry based on monopoly that does not benefit society and lack of transparency. and provide freedom of the user as well as tranparancy results

We stand against greedy ICO’s business models, fraudulent intentions and unfair fund and token distribution schemes without genuine products behind them. We stand for the fundamental blockchain values (decentralization, disintermediation, transparency,security and freedom), as well as comprehensive investor transparency.

The Token and fund distribution models offered by SmartBillions are extremely favorable for the Investors. SmartBillions is the first ICO to offer downside protection for its crowdsale’s backers. security and freedom), and comprehensive investor transparency. The Token distribution model and the funds offered by SmartBillions very profitable for Investors. SmartBillions is The first ICO offered downside protection for its crowdsale supporters.

Smartbillions offer token to the public by SmartBillions tokens crowdsale (“ICO”) and their goal is set at 200 000 ETH. 90% of the funds raised will be allocated to the Jackpot. The remaining funds will be designated for marketing. SmartBillions Token (“PLAY”) holders will receive a monthly dividend starting one month after the initial token offering closing date. The Estimated Annual Yield is over 30% .

  1. The lottery is operated by a fully independent smart contract serving as a self-amending regulatory guarantor. The whole process is held on Ethereum blockchain.
  2. The limited PLAY Tokens sale crowdfunding goal is set for the highest initial Jackpot of all online lotteries (180,000 ETH), with an unprecedented win structure not limited to the Jackpot value.
  3. Full transparency and security thanks to the smart contract’s elimination of any third-party involvement in the lottery process and funds management.
  4. Lack of sign-up requirements providing full anonymity with instant Ticket purchase capabilities.
  5. No prior deposit requirements — direct Ticket payment from players’ digital wallets.
  6. Immediate, secure and anonymous payouts directly after each lottery drawing.
  7. Nearly instantaneous bet placement (under 1 minute), results (approximately 60 seconds) and win payout (instant).

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