Shares are units of value or bookkeeping in various financial instruments that refer to the shares of a company. By issuing shares, it allows companies that require long-term funding to ‘sell’ interests in the business. the stock exchange is a meeting place for sellers and buyers involving securities firms, there are several stock exchange places one of them is in newyork city.but with advances in blockchain technology, PayperEx will be the first stock exchange alternative and will decentralize the stock market by creating alternative trading networks using blockchain technology.

Lack of information, insufficient finances, fear of risk, lack of trust and geographical circumstances are a barrier for many people to be part of the global stock market. so all this time that the stock market is only done by people who have big finances, have geographical conditions support. for that PayperEx is resent to give people from all over the world a fair, easy and affordable opportunity to enjoy the benefits of those stock markets by purchasing “Paypers” (stock based units).

Blockchain technology will make transactions safe and transparent with Peer-to-Peer network systems, their peer-to-peer technology (A Peer-to-Peer, or P2P, Service is a decentralized platform where two people interact with each other with P2P services) which makes the network more accessible and private without third party interventions such as government, banks and conventional stock exchanges. on each transaction will be charged,  fee model PayperEx is an unique model that divides a portion of the costs accumulated with participants. The rest is reinvested into operations and network growth.

Each activity in the PayperEx network is performed using PAX, making the token an integral part of the network and the driver of its economy. In any activity carried out on the network, PAX is transferred from one participant to another. The use of a blockchain technology confirms that each PAX was transferred only once. PAX tokens have several usages on our network:

  • PAX is required in order to participate in the PayperEx network.
  • A Paypers value is measured in PAX.
  • “Payper Fee Share” payments are distributed in PAX.
  • Trading fees are charged in PAX.

The initial value of 1 PAX during the crowdsale is 0.00002 Bitcoin e.g. 1 Bitcoin equals 50,000 PAX (during the presale period 1 Bitcoin will be equal to 65,000 PAX, 30% more than during the token-sale period)

Platform Features

The PAX Private Wallet

A peer-to-peer payments service that allows people all over the world to send and receive funds in a simple and secure way with full control over their money.

Buy/Sell Order Book

An innovative matching engine built on blockchain technology allowing users to see all available orders.

The Order Book will be updated in real time, giving the user a clear and transparent view of the market activities

Future Orders

Get full control of your trading with orders such as: Sell Limit Order (Risk Management Order) – “Take Profit” and “Stop Loss”

Trading on the PayperEx network will be conducted on Paypers, for financial instruments such as Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. For every underlying asset, a limited quantity of Paypers will be issued.

There are two types of Paypers issued: “BULL” and “BEAR”.

A BULL Payper is predicting that the price of the underlying asset will rise, whereas a BEAR Payper is predicting that the price of the underlying asset will fall.



❖ Q1 2017 – Market Research & Planning

❖ May 2017 – Development: Web/App Platform & Private wallet

❖ July 2017 – Integration to a Cryptocurrency Exchange

❖ August 2017 – Crowdsale – PAX Token

❖ Q2 2018 – Launch of the PayperEx Network – First IPO

❖ Q3 2018 – Growing the Network’s Ecosystem

❖ Q4 2018 – More IPOs on New Financial Instruments


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