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With the increasing popularity of altcoin and cryptocurrency many people race to get it, there are many ways to get this altcoin one of them by way of mining, mining is a way to get altcoin by processing the mathematical calculation in altcoin network to do altcoin transaction verification process, database verification and also found a new block containing ‘fresh altcoin’ in the altcoin database. to execute this process required mining equipment. at this time the equipment to mine is getting more and more expensive and very impossible to get a reasonable cost. The launch of small farms can take up to $ 10,000 while mining time is increasing every month and now the time it takes to mine for at least 10 months. along with the purchase of the equipment there are several problems encountered

High generation and heat discharge

  • causing a lot of noise
  • rent
  • High charge electricity bill
  • Warranty and service problems
  • 24/7 Monitoring equipment

Along with the problems faced by miners TerraMiner Mining farm offers a smart solution to earn money from mining without you having to leave your comfortable sofa. they already have a farm built with GPU cards where Altcoin is mined, with their growth rate every month. Their farm currently consumes 120 kW / h in strength.When launching their first ranch, they have decided to factor in previous errors and use our experience to start farming with a minimum of empty equipment costs and better payback / recovery periods that help us attract investors, and they have also considered the following criteria

  • Electricity is cheap.
  • Most of the productive chips and the most advanced parts.
  • Equipment is assembled from Chinese spare parts in Chinese factories.
  • Advanced cooling technology (which means maximum power with
  • energy is minimally depleted).
  • The equipment is located near the manufacturer’s section

Investments starting from 0.01 ethers ($ 2.8). Within the first 3 months the token value will increase by 300%. The recoupment is also in 3 months (payoff / recoupment time may be less due to increase in the rate if you keep the profit in cryptocurrency). Later – up to 35% monthly profit. We take the responsibility for technical process: equipment installation costs, service provision, and issues regarding the warranty and service.

Mining will be located in Shaoguan, China (free economic zone). The cost of electricity is one of the cheapest: 1 kW / h = $ 0.05, accompanied by cold climate, which will minimize the cooling costs. The equipment is manufactured in China, the same place where our farm is will, so the equipment delivery cost is minimal. Maintenance and warranty service immediately. Cheap long-term rental of production facilities. Cheap labor. Low spending means quick recovery and good profits

Reliability of the project

TerraMiner tokens are supported with real mining equipment. You can visit their farm and see the preparation in October 2017 to ensure their intentions. They have signed an agreement on the supply and production of equipment (see Document).


ICO Details

1 TerraMiner (TRM) = 1 Megahash per second (Mh / s) mining strength.

  • Token price formation: PRE-ICO token price is 1 TRM = $ 2.8:

first component cost and ASIC assembly miners’ batch.

  • The ICO token price is 1 TRM = $ 5:

the cost of components and assembly of the second ASIC miners’, rental fees, premise prep fees, fees installments and equipment launches.

  • The POST-ICO token price is 1 TRM = $8.4:

marketing costs for ICO launch, development and launch has POOL to mine and distribute crypto among ICO founder.

Income Token:

1 TRM = $ 2.8 (PRA-ICO) = 0.01 ETH = $ 2 monthly profit. Profit is shared 50/50, you get $ 1 monthly from every token purchased. After the project launch, the TerraMiner token (TRM) will be placed exchange of cryptocurrency Every month 10% of the founder’s profit will be headed buy TRM token to create deficit and increase TRM rate.

We take all costs of production and energy consumption. All you do is make a profit!


Internal financing

  • July-August 2017
  • Development of technical specifications / documentation
  • Signing of an agreement with Innosilicon on microchips’ purchase. Signing of an agreement with J&W on production, assembly and testing of our mining equipment.

PRA-ICO 504.000 TRM

  • September 2017
  • Purchase of A4+ INNOSILICON chips for the first batch. The production of the first equipment batch with 504 000 Mh/s power.

ICO 2 320 000 TRM

  • October 2017
  • Premise preparations for mining equipment installation.
  • Purchase of A4+ INNOSILICON chips for the second batch. Production of the second equipment batch with 2 3000 Mh/s power.

POST-ICO 200 000 TRM

  • November 2017
  • Getting the premises ready for the mining equipment installation. Installation of the first batch of equipment with 504 000 Mh/s power. The launch of mining. The launch of mining POOL.

Launch 2nd batch

  • December 2017
  • Installation of the second batch of equipment with 2 320 000 Mh/s power.
  • Entry into exchange. Time to sell tokens.

Launch 3rd batch

  • January 2018
  • Installation of the third batch of equipment with 200 000 Mh/s power.
  • We have already planned the launch for the next ICO with increase of mining-farm power by 3 Th/s. The farm power will double.

For more information please visit this link

  1. http://terraminer.io
  2. Whitepaper

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