STK: A New Cryptocurrency for Instant Payments at Point of Sale

Imagine if we can shop at the store, have breakfast and drink coffee at the shop which has been using local / national currency to make payment from your personal account, along with the progress of existing blockchain technology then we can later use cryptocurrency. but there are some barriers such as :

  • Lack of merchant acceptance of cryptocurrency
  • Time consuming, and with sizeable fees to be able to exchange cryptocurrency into local currency

Cryptohouse introduce STK Global Payment’s to eliminate the barrier by creating a globally accessible alternative to traditional banking, allowing you to store your money safely, access it instantly and transact with it anywhere, in any currency including crypto by using the STK token, right from your smartphone, using the STACK app. Creating a digital wallet as a companion to a traditional card solution, the STACK app enables you to use any of your currencies at point of sale, anytime and anywhere in the world. STK will be a platform that will facilitate real-time cryptocurrency transactions at point of sale.

STK solution

  • STACK has partnered with an existing payment network that will allow the cryptocurrency wallet to be used at 39 million merchant locations
  • STACK, will create State Channels between the customer and STACK. This channel is an established way to provide real time transaction guarantees on the blockchain. Once this is done, customer transactions will be funded through the STK liquidity pool to make a direct purchase. does not record all payment transactions in blockchain made between buyers and retailers

In order for users of the STACK wallet to transact in real-time, the STK solution will be integrated into the STACK digital multi-currency wallet. This functionality can only be accessed with a STK token. The STK token will be used to pay for the operating cost of setting up the State Channel. Because STK tokens can change in value, the price per transaction is calculated similarly to how gas prices are on Ethereum.

State Channels are a technique for making off-chain transactions with the same security guarantees as an on-chain operation. State Channels allow us to conduct blockchain interactions as if they were being conducted on-chain, but require only that two or more users exchange information with each other. Participants in a State Channel may exchange a large number of transactions between one another instantaneously, requiring an on-chain operation only when the channel is closed. State Channels provide the speed required for STACK’s point-of-sale purchase mechanism: at the moment of purchase, the user sends STK tokens to STACK in exchange for STACK using their liquidity pool to make a fiat purchase through the global payment network. This is a cost effective approach to enabling transactions.


STACK is an alternative to traditional banking with a better way to spend, save and share your money, fee-free and straight from your mobile. The app provides its members with smart solutions to personal finance, with features like real time notifications, effortless savings, financial IQ and mobile tap-to-pay functionality. STACK is creating a community of users who celebrate the moments that matter most by sharing stories of transactions on the STACK World Stream. The STACK wallet is a working product that currently is in private beta with a waiting list of 20,000 people.

STACK accesses a global payment network that enables worldwide acceptance of the STACK wallet around the world. The STACK wallet is a container for 10 sub-accounts that can hold up to 10 distinct currencies – both local currency and crypto.

STACK offers and services

  • Real time conversion from crypto to local fiat currency at point-of-sale
  • Tap-to-pay functionality on the STACK mobile app and on participating 3rd party mobile wallets
  • Multi-currency wallet (crypto and fiat currencies)
  • Chip-and-PIN EMV card
  • Social sharing to celebrate moments that matter on the STACK World Stream
  • The ability to withdraw cash from any ATM
  • Tips, tools and tailored advice to reach your financial goals, faster

Token Generation Event

STK tokens will be available for purchase on the STK token sale site ( commencing October 25, 2017 at 17:00:00 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The cost per STK token is $0.20 USD. STK tokens for sale represent 55% of all STK tokens. A maximum of 321,430 ETH and a minimum of 3,600 ETH will be accepted for the sale of STK tokens. STK tokens are not available for purchase for residents of United States of America or Canada.

In order to further develop and promote the STK platform, STK will conduct a token generation event that will offer for sale 550,000,000 STK tokens out of a 1 billion total supply. The proceeds of the TGE will be used for marketing, solution development (both iOS and Android), integration of STK with STACK and the operation of crypto to local currency exchange. The remaining will be reserved for the liquidity pool, bounty programs and referrals.


Stage Token Allocation Discount Stage Date
Presale 45% 20% Pre-sale Start October 11, 2017
Day 1 Discount Remaining token 10% Pre-sale End October 24, 2017
Public Sale Remaining token 0% Sale Start October 25, 2017
Sale End October 3, 2017


for more information please visit

  2. ANN STK Thread
  3. Whitepaper

written by Aba

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