BREM – blockchain project in the sphere of real estate

Real Estate is one form of assets. The realization of real estate is not just a luxury residential property. In essence real estate is the right to own a plot of land and take advantage of whatever is in it. As one form of assets, real estate has grown in line with the emergence of various technologies and information that is happening all over the world.

Creation of bitcoin has been one of the most significant events since the creation of the internet. by providing access to crypto to anyone, lowering the cost of transaction and freeing the protocols of the old banking system, the blockchain protocol no doubt brings us to a major evolution

In globalization, the development of blockchain technology has an important role, which is adopted by various businesses and projects, one of which is the real estate and property business. The unique opportunities provided by this technology will allow access to real estate information anytime, its reliability and transparency let it not include forgery, reducing turnover documents for bargains and bureaucratic staff. The use of blockchain in real estate will create a favorable environment for citizens and businesses, greatly reducing transaction costs. Moreover blockchain will help in arranging new property titles and register forms. Data from register blockchain, due to its authenticity and availability, has the potential to be used as a legally important document.

What is BREM ?

BREM is an investment project for the world’s first online portal for concluding bargains in the sphere of real estate (hereinafter – ‘the Portal”, “the Platform”) with the use of the blockchain technology. The project brings together, on the one hand, Developers with the full data base of real estate objects (listing of objects at the Platform), and real estate Agents and buyers on the other hand.

The uniqueness of this project is as follows:

  • Uniqueness – the Portal includes full information, advertisement and news channel in real estate, collects the full base of objects from developers and secondary real estate from agents, contains all necessary online instruments for concluding a bargain – reservation, online mortgage-loans, legal and notary services;
  • The Scale – the project will serve as an international platform for search of attractive real estate objects and investment all over the world;
  • The monetization – the project has a transparent monetization model: sale of advertisement on the portal, commission for concluded bargains;
  • Application of the blockchain technology in building up of business processes of the Portal. (Decentralized register of bargains concluded via the Portal, use of smart-contracts at making and paying for bargains online, transfer of information to the state property rights register on the blockchain).


The Portal’s advantages

For Developers:

  • Increase of sales volume (attraction of clients from all over the world) without considerable investment;
  • Increase of identification index in the country’s regions and internationally due to the portals popularization;
  • Work with the dealers network (with private brokers and real estate agencies) via the professional operator;
  • Relief from the necessity to have representations in other regions/countries.

For private brokers and real estate agencies:

  • Unified data base of the real estate objects in one place, no need to search for multiple services and sources;
  • Reservation of a real estate object in any part of the world, quick and comfortable;
  • Getting professional consultations and bargain support by the Portal’s experts;
  • Business income without signing cooperation agreements with developers;
  • An opportunity to place advertisements on secondary real estate objects, forming own shop of objects.

For clients (customers):

  • Unified data base of the real estate objects in one place, no need to search for multiple services and sources;
  • Full free of charge online support of a bargain by professionals from different fields mortgageloans, legal expert, notary etc.
  • Saving of own resources for the real estate purchase;
  • Comfort and availability to use the service due to its “friendly” interface.

The portal requires gas  same as any other blockchain platform  to transact on it, for that required token. the token used in this portal is BREM token. BREM tokens is used for payment methods for portal services (transaction registration, commission fee, placement of secondary object, execution of smart contract, advertising, etc). for buyer the service of portal are free, a seller pays transaction cost.

ICO Details

  • Total emmisions 25 million BREM token
  • Stage Pre ICO – realization 1000,000 BREM
  • Base price 1 BREM equal with 1$
  • Start at 01.11.2107 at 30.11.2017
  • Accepted Cryptocurrency at stage Pre-ICO  ETH
  • Accepted Cryptocurrency at  main round BTC, ETH, LTC, WAVE

for more information please visit

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