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In the last few months, the world of cryptocurrecy has become very viral and exciting. Interest in cryptocurrency has reached an all-time high as people around the globe become aware of the crypto world. Major exchanges have reported exponential growth as thousands of people. flock to their platforms. to be able to contribute in this world of cryptocurrency must understand how to play, especially if that is played is trading. because it must be able to estimate fluctuation price of a cryptocurrency, in order to gain profit in trading. we need accurate information to be able to analyze the cryptocurrency.

Therefore Almost everyone in the cryptocurrency world checks the price of the currencies through an application, usually Coin Ticker, Block folio or similar. While none of these applications provide accurate information on what to invest, they merely allow to track the market status or your portfolio value. We also know that almost everyone in the community (whether a crypto trader, a miner, a small investor or a big whale) spends endless time, experience, and even luck to look up for investment hints and clues from resources such as blogs, twitter, slack communities, troll boxes and

Allow cryptohouse to introduce peerguess which gives us the solution to give an estimate of the price of cryptocurrency. peerguess is a free application to track cryptocurrency from various exchanges, create portfolio and alerts, designed to function applications like Coin Ticker, Blockfolio and/or crypto projects like CoinDash, DetectorToken, and Trackr. To become a game changer in the cryptocurrency world, peerguess is designed with gamification experience. it was decided to add the principles of gamers to the observer and portfolio management applications, in which you can guess the next 24h value of a specific cryptocurrency using the Gems provided or purchased.

From individuals to an ecosystem, the power of the peerguess platform comes from creating a whole that is larger than the sum of its parts. While users play with Gems and make guesses, these guesses will create a community thought, and as an output, you will be able to see what the community thinks about Bitcoin’s (or any other altcoin) value in the next 24 hours. As a result, the predictions of your own portfolio along with the whole cryptocurrency world will be visible to you as an investor.

Features of peerguess

Cumulative Guess Analytics (CGA) will serve as the general opinion of the community. For example, you will see that 75% of peerguess users believe that BTC/USD will decrease in the next 24h.

Recommendation Engine (RE) will:  Display a list of cryptocurrency for users who predict both a cryptocurrency and another currency (like e-commerce recommendations). Also Recommend currencies based on your prediction history and your segmentation.

Auto-Trade (AT) will use the historical success rates and many other indicators to create triggers and parameters from the application and make trades on your chosen exchange/platform.

Stigmergic Quantitative Data (SQD) will be based on Positive and Negative Guesses made, which can be filtered by Country, Time Zone, Language and many more data fields to assist you to understand the different dynamics on cryptocurrency world.

How to use peerguess ?

All new users will be provided 100 Gems at start, and will predict the cryptocurrencies’ future value in the next 24 hours by using the provided markets’ average value. The predictions can be made with 1 to 10 Gems, which will be doubled for an accurate prediction at the end of the 24 hours. Every 24 hours, Gem balance will be checked and provided deposit 10 Gems as a gift for the users with a zero Gem balance

Also, In-App purchase will be available to buy more gems. The web version of the application will allow all users to convert Gems to GUESS tokens, which will transform the Gems earned in the game to a real-life value.

The GUESS tokens will be provided from our liquidation reserves. By limiting the Gems between a minimum of 1 and maximum of 10 within a 24- hour interval, peerguess will ensure to prevent large payouts at early stages. For the later stages, peerguess are planning to raise the limits as high as possible, including short-term and long-term guesses and lower/higher multiplier options.


Advantage of using peerguess

Investors will earn access to Cumulative Guess Analytics, Recommendation Engine, Stigmergic Quantitative Data and AutoTrade modules depending on their investment amount. Remember that no one would get these modules free for a long time once the platform is fully functional. Following are our tier segments:

TIER0 from 00.00 ETH to 01.50 ETH

TIER1 from 01.50 ETH to 15.00 ETH

TIER2 from 15.00 ETH to 30.00 ETH

TIER3 from 30.00 ETH to 70.00 ETH

TIER4 70.00 ETH and more

iCO details

The total supply of GUESS token is non-re-issuable 200,000,000, of which 120,000,000 will be offered during the ICO period. The funds raised during the ICO will be invested in the further development of the project, as well as paying the maintenance costs for the infrastructure.

Token Allocation

Which you get if you invest to this project

  • You will be able to see Cumulative Guess Analytics
  • You will get data from Recommendation Engine, Stigmergic Quantitative Data modules
  • You will be able to Auto-Trade
  • You will have a chance to get GUESS tokens for much less than its possible future market value
  • You will get bonus Gems and your Gem conversion rate will be higher
  • Any investment made during the ICO will also remove the application ads permanently

for more information please visit

  2. ANN Thread Peerguess
  3. Whitepaper

written by Aba

ETH Address : 0x748E4bDF7759a61D3b8b8a314fa4De867f4Ce873


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