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E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce is a modern business methodology that addresses the needs of business organizations, vendors and customers to reduce costs and improve the quality of goods and services while accelerating delivery times. In general, a consumer who will shop online via the Internet requires technology or Internet infrastructure to find out about an online store or webstore. And on the side of the seller or e-commerce service provider can do the collection of information, such as data on consumers, where a consumer is usually asked to become a member first before making further transactions. currently the e-commerce field is growing rapidly, to provide services to merchants and online store customers,but there are Issues that often occur such as the description bellow.

Small-scale Producer Issues                                                                                                     
Lack of twenty-four-hour multilingual customer support.
Selling your goods internationally means being able to keep the buyer-seller feedback line open at all times in order to be able to assist customers in different time zones – and the lack of live customer support makes communication much less effective;
Lack of localization.
Small-scale producers are not able to provide the translation of product descriptions and features taking into consideration the specifics of various countries which renders the launch to the international market impossible.
High fees at the existing platforms and various charges of payment systems.
The existing platforms withhold a considerable part of the cost, let alone payment system and conversion charges, transaction fees and taxes;
Lack of customer’s confidence in an unknown seller.
The customer prefers verified sellers who offer goods of confirmed quality, while the unknown sellers with no reputation have to compete with them;
Lack of proper “online sales pitch” for items.
Each purchase, especially the one made online, is based on many parameters. The lack of product description, parameters, good-quality photos, video overviews and customer reviews negatively impact sales.
Impossibility of automatization.
In addition to the all of the above issues, the small-scale manufacture is not ready technologically to make the online store completely automatic
Competition with global corporations.
International corporations have a wide range of tools for marketing high-quality goods across the globe at their disposal, which small-scale productions do not have access to, making it impossible for them to go global.
Cash deficiency
Businesses receive money from sales only after a certain delay, and increasing sales without factoring this into the equation will sooner or later prove to be an impossible task.

Online Shop Customer Issues                                                                                                   

Goods search.
A great deal of unique goods made by small-scale producers have no adequate descriptions or photos, which hampers the search for the desired product. Besides, many good-quality items of small-scale production cannot be ordered online at all;
Lack of proper “online sales pitch
Because of the lack of skillful presentation materials the customer cannot get a full overview of a product and as a result declines the purchase.
Lack of reliable reviews.
Without any way to confirm the authenticity of reviews posted on custom-made online stores, customers are unable to form a true-to-life impression about the product.
Lack of guarantees.
Many online stores offer goods on an upfront fee basis, but not all customers are ready to risk sending money to an unfamiliar online shop which can turn out to be a short-lived website.

Storiqa Platform                                                                                                                         

Storiqa provides solutions for issues that faced by mercant and customer  online store, Storiqa is a platform created for buyers and sellers all over the world. With an easy-touse online store builder, any seller is able to create their own storefront to sell their goods, while making use of the platform’s wide range of features for a minimal fee. provide service offers great opportunities for self-employed entrepreneurs, small-scale manufacturers, family businesses and makers of handmade crafts, such as a selection of tools for direct customer feedback, bookkeeping, sales analysis, advertising and promotion, as well as a convenient, user-friendly interface.

Storiqa integrates all the necessary tools for starting the trade and promoting the products to other countries’ markets.  One of the main features of Storiqa is the use of blockchain technology, which allows for making the platform transparent, open and as safe as possible for both transaction parties, reduces transaction costs and business costs, and simplifies the purchase process. Storiqa  competitive advantages over business solutions existing in the market today are decentralization, globalization and the opportunities presented by the use of cryptocurrency in the platform.

STQ Tokens                                                                                                                                

STQ tokens are issued for internal and external payments of the STORIQA system and also are the only payment instrument when you need to pay fees or pay for marketplace services. STQ token are deeply integrated into the system to ensure maximum trade flow – as the number of agents using the system grows, the value of any cryptocurrency exponentially increases.

Upon finishing the ICO campaign the tokens can be easily bought or sold on numerous cryptocurrency exchange markets. The number of exchange markets will grow with the increase in the platform trade turnover and the users’ demand from different countries. The team is planning to introduce STQ tokens to more than 12 international cryptocurrency exchange markets.

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