EMU Project-APP which providing convenience in the service factor

One of the mass adaptations of today’s rapidly evolving technology blockhain is in the service and trade sector, we all know with this technology will facilitate all the transactions activities of people. The one I am about to introduce is the EMU. The EMU project is designed to bring communication between a consumer and service sector into a new level. Waiting for the waiter, errors in the delivery of the order, the human factor in general – all this remained in the past. Actually, they are in the process of creating such a unique ecosystem that will greatly facilitate the life of its participants.

What is EMU ?

EMU is the product which is really revolutionary in the service sector with its simple and effective application. Just think about its options. It will always be available for free downloading in the App Store and in the  play Market, as well as on the official website of the project. In addition, it can be downloaded at any restaurants connected to the platform. an innovation service  that provides convenience for users of this EMU application

How it works ?

The user can download the EMU app in the App Store or in the Play Market on their smartphones. Further communication with institutions is going on via the application too. All steps are recorded so you will avoid such inconvenient situations like “I  haven’t ordered it at all” or other confusions.

A restaurant or a cafe is being registered in the system on the site and also  downloads the application in the App Store or Play Market, which depends on the operating system on the phone. The application for business has several types of users:

  • a waiter,
  • an administrator, 
  • an owner

Each type of user has a different interface.

          The waiter’s interface involves communication both with a client and an administrator.

          The owner’s interface contains the statistics of the institution in the real-time (all data and reports, including the availability of the restaurant, average check, etc.), the ability to manage the institution / institutions distantly (telecommuting) and set tasks to the administrator (administrator of the institution), access to online cameras, etc.

           Administrator’s software and hardware of system contains all the necessary statistics and analytics, the ability to manage the waiters, the complete control. Moreover, the application has alarm buttons that can be connected to the security panel.

           All data, statistics, as well as interaction between the user’s and business’s applications is carried out through the Amazon cloud  ervices, which that worked well in high-load projects.

Blockchain will enable data storing and recording in a decentralized manner respectively and thus, all ratings, reviews and statistical information can not be adjusted, which will help to avoid cheating, fraud and other incorrect actions.

In fact, we have the application to be attached to one particular user (an owner, a waiter or a client, depending on the role that he performs). In this case only their rights are distinguished.

          The application is absolutely free for both common users and business representatives. It does not include currently and will never contain obsessive advertising (any kinds of adverts). There will be no pop-up advertisements, links to other pages, etc. It will contain only that information what you really need. We appreciate your time and want to preserve your nerves, our goal is to satisfy the desires of everyone who has faced a service sector (and here we mean almost all people). By reducing the time for stupid communications as well as human factor

presence– we will provide you with more time for the really enjoyable activities.

          The user will be able to download a favorite institutions menu for offline reviews, if there is such a need. Each user will be able to leave an objective and, most importantly, a real comment or feedback about the institution, dish or staff.

It will enable other users to read and also respond to messages.

          The institution’s owner will be able to react quickly to negative comments and correct the situation immediately.

Usage of EMU App

Here is an explanation of how the EMU application will work for each different user in the EMU application system, by providing some standard action models in five examples. In general, they capture the essence of the electronic menu to use and will give an overall picture of it.

  1. Client (downloads a mobile app in the App Store or Play Market)

A person has come to a particular place to have his breakfast. He sits at the table he liked, launches the app, which automatically determines the institution’s name and offers to enter the MENU (to choose you can watch the online menu, or you can download it from specific restaurants for offline

viewing – one menu should be no more than 15 MB).  The application provides such options:

  • call the waiter (call button);
  • ordering without a waiter (the order goes directly to the kitchen);
  • timer countdown for order availability;
  • chat with the waiter;
  • viewing the menu with photos, a detailed description of the current dishes, cooking features, as well as with the other visitor’s reviews;
  • Order processing with the subsequent payment in a convenient way;
  • acting shares and special offers of the establishment;
  • the ability to pass leisure while waiting for cooking (viewing trailers for new films and the possibility of booking tickets for them, for example);
  • the opportunity to send a compliment to a neighboring table or start a chat with a preliminary consent (anonymously or openly). Having made an order, a person can immediately pay for it in the

most comfortable way:

  • By a credit card linked to an EMU account;
  • By cash;
  • With Crypto currency.

The counter of the reverse time will be displayed for the whole order or for each dish separately.

Automatically (right in the settings) it will be set the cooking time for each dish or cocktail, or probably, the kitchen / bar will give their own feedback.

  1. A waiter (downloads a mobile app in the App Store or Play Market)

Gets into his application:

  • a call (first, account);
  • an order (addition to the order);
  • a recall;
  • a comment on the order or service.

Can give feedback.

Chat with the client and the administrator.

Observes a timer.

Can receive payment to his personal EMU account.

He beholds his client immediately (the program determines the client,

his name, status, habits and wishes).

  1. Kitchen / Bar

Receiving orders on the monitor.

Customers’ wishes for orders (degree of roasting, salt, sharpness,  etc.).


  1. An administrator

Waiters supervision.

Statistics on the institution.

Reserve of tables.


  1. An owner

Full control over the institution.

Attendance statistics.

Instant financial reporting.

Connection to webcams.

How is it arranged ?

There are 4 logical units.

  1. A client’s mobile app, which will enable you with order creating and pay for it.
  2. A waiter’s mobile app, to which customers orders will come with their independently contribution to the current institution management system:
  • a waiter,
  • a manager,
  • an owner.
  1. Web-panel, the main control panel of the entire electronic menu system within the institution. It is used for institution’s menu creation and edition, history of all orders viewing, as well as various statistics supervising.
  2. A kitchen.
  3. The server part (the back end), the core of the entire electronic menu system, which provides its full-fledged work.

While developing mobile applications for the Android operating system, Java is used, and for iOS operating system Swift is used respectively..

The web panel is being developed using the latest web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript).

The back end performs on a cloud solution from Amazon.

Product Monetization And Economy Of Emucoin

Monetization of the product is very simple – we take 1% of each  transaction (from paying bills, replenishing the mobile phone, etc.). The software is transferred to institutions for free, including all subsequent updates.

For understanding, the food market represents several hundred billion dollars a year. The entire service industry is estimated at trillions of dollars.

This 1% commission of the purchase amount (excluding costs of  implementation and maintaining the software), is the net profit of the company.

Payment is accepted in the same way as a commission using smart contracts.


EMU Token (EMU) is the main internal crypto currency for calculations within our ecosystem. The token is created according to the ERC20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain, which ensures its full compatibility with any other projects that comply with this standard.

           The total emission of EMU tokens is limited and can not exceed 250 million tokens.

           EMU (EMU) is the internal currency of the service, based on the Ethereum platform. It is a mean of payment for making calculations between the participants. The service will not charge a commission from EMU currency, so the service will be free for EMU currency holders.

           EMU currency obtaining will be possible during the ICO or,  subsequently, by purchasing on online exchanges.

The EMU Token will be used for conducting calculations within the network to pay for goods and services. You can buy or sell it on the crypto exchange after listing, according to ROADMAP.

The starting cost of 1 EMU token is $ 0.05.

          The value equivalent of token to dollar is given for comparison. During the initial placement, the token can be purchased only for the Crypto currency “Ether” (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC).


  • payment for goods within the system;
  • exchange possibility for other crypto-currencies;
  • possibility of selling and withdrawing into fiat money.


Name: EMUcoin

Ticket: EMU

Platform: Ethereum

Total: 250 million EMUcoin

There is no plan to issue additional tokens.



A total of 250,000,000 EMUcoin are exhibited 

The first phase of selling tokens (presale)

Cost: $ 0.05 per 1 EMUcoin

Start: 01.12.17 (14:00 GMT).

           Finish: on the 31.12.17 (14:00 GMT).

 The minimum amount to launch is 5,000,000 tokens

 Accepted currency: ETH and BTC

          The minimum amount to launch is 5,000,000 tokens

 Minimum transaction amount: unlimited


           1st day: +15% bonus.

           2nd day: + 10% bonus.

           3rd day: bonus +5%.

           Until the end of PRE ICO + 5%

The second phase of selling tokens

The beginning: 01.02.18 (14:00 GMT).

The end: on March 15, 18 (14:00 GMT)

Cost: $ 0.05 per 1 EMU coin.

           Accepted currency: ETH and BTC.

           Minimum transaction amount: unlimited.

           Minimum transaction amount: unlimited

Bonus (first 5 days): +5%

For more information please visit

  1. Website
  2. ANN EMU Thread
  3. Telegram

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