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GLOBCOIN Crypto Platform (GCP, or GC platform) provides the infrastructure to build baskets of currencies corresponding to specific communities/users’ needs. In a globalised world, your own national currency does not really measure your wealth, except in the sense that it is handy for accounting or payment purposes. Whereas, currency baskets can prove to be the appropriate solution for a variety of needs, this is probably the reason for the growing trend from Central Banks to build up currency baskets and/or to peg the national currency to a basket which is usually not disclosed to the public (China, Singapore).

GCP founders have been at the forefront of innovation in currency management for decades, proposing to their large clients (Institutional and family offices) dedicated currency baskets tailored to their own specific needs. The first basket that will be launched on GC platform will be our “flagship “ GLOBCOIN, a basket based on the 15 largest currencies of the world and 5 % weighted in Gold. This basket corresponds to the needs of many users.

This basket is already traded for our large clients on a traditional foreign exchange forward market. By construction, it will be 100% asset-backed and very stable. It will be an ideal complement for a cryptocurrencies holders wanting to stay in the crypto world but looking to secure part of their portfolio. Other currency baskets have already been studied for specific clients in Asia, Africa and Western Europe and GC platform will be able to launch and manage such dedicated baskets according to client needs provided that the constituents of the basket are tradable. We will also add a basket to our current GLOBCOIN multi-currency prepaid card so that people (in addition to their needs in fiat currencies) can buy a basket in just one click.

What is Globcoin ?

The GLOBCOIN is a currency basket unit that tracks the 15 largest global currencies and gold. It follows an intuitive and unbiased approach based on Purchasing Power Parity which evolves as the world economy evolves. These characteristics allow the GLOBCOIN to act as a global store of value, effectively creating the world’s first “reserve currency”.

The portfolio of the basket aims to capitalise on the market trend towards a globalised and multipolar world by leveraging smart algorithms using the GDP of each country adjusted by the Purchasing Power Parity.

The Platform

The platform is accessible online or via an app, offering the combination of multi-currency payments and savings. GLOBCOIN® makes the life easier, cheaper and gives you full control when it comes to managing the foreign currency exposure.

In a word GLOBCOIN means reinventing global access to currencies. Think of it as your own private financial assistant, bank and foreign exchange agent all in one. You can store your money in your.

GLOBCOIN account like you would in any other bank account, Ewallet, travel card, etc. transfer it into a range of different currencies, pay people, receive money, withdraw cash and buy things online.

GLOBCOIN provides market-leading pricing and technology, wrapped in an easy to use app suitable for all types of customers – expats, travellers, students, and, increasingly, “Global nomads”.

It is the perfect solution for anyone looking to save money when travelling or sending money abroad. GLOBCOIN represents the future of FX, bringing the powers of global markets to the fingertips of its cardholders. Their plan to add the GLX to the currencies available on the card. There are adding new customers each day by them, without widespread expensive advertising, but mainly by word of mouth.

Usability Of The GCP Token

The GCP tokens are utility tokens designed to support transactions on the GLOBCOIN platform and to receive transaction and maintenance fees to compensate for the service. We do not recommend buying the GCP tokens for speculative investment purpose. The GCP tokens do not give equity in any company no voting rights or dividend rights. The tokens will be issued through an open source IT protocol called Blockchain Ethereum. Reserve Currency Solutions SA (RCS) and any related company have no control over the operational network of Ethereum. They may not be liable in any way for any feature that might affect the token ownership.

TheToken Sale

The proceeds from the funds of the Token Sale will be dedicated to platform development, product launch, marketing and PR, customer acquisition and partnership programs. They will also finance the operations of GLOBCOIN for the next 2 years including legal and administration costs, operations, administration, PR and marketing. It will enable us to hire the best talent in each field to reach the high objectives we have as an ambition for GLOBCOIN.

GCP Creation Event

The GLOBCOIN GCP token creation process is organized around smart contracts running on Ethereum. Participants willing to support the development of the GLOBCOIN project can do so by sending Ether to the designated address. By doing so their create GCP at the rate of 100 GCP per 1 ETH. A participant must send Ether to the address after the start of the crowdfunding period (specified as the block

number). Crowdfunding ends when the end block is created, or when the amount of Ether sent to the account reaches the maximum.


If the minimum cap (10 000 ETH) is not reached after the ICO period, ICO participants can claim their Ether back from the contract.

If hard cap is reached, the event will close automatically.

Tokens will be transferable within 14 days after the end of the ICO campaign

Bonus Program


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