ACORN COLLECTIVE – The first completely free and open-access blockchain crowdfunding platform

Lately, your ear may be familiar with the term Crowdfunding. However, you still do not understand this term. Simplified definition of Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or a business by way of joint / collecting some money from a number of people. Instead of traditional investors, crowdfunding campaigns are funded by the general public. This includes friends, family, coworkers, and anyone who successfully connects with your idea.

Crowdfunding democratizes access to funding. It uses internet-based technology and the collective knowledge of communities to determine which projects should receive funding while providing real-time feedback on interest to proposed ideas.

Or so we were led to believe.

The reality is that crowdfunding is still a closed shop, with the main platforms  rejecting the vast majority of projects, selecting those that fi limited, self-serving criteria. Like any great idea, crowdfunding has suffered in practice from a  protectionism that denies its better values in principle.

Emerging markets and less economically developed countries are denied access to the largest platform. Criteria are set for creativity and a minimum number of backers.

From their roots as free access markets, the larger platforms have limited crowdfunding by implementing restrictions that approach the stringency of venture capital or bank loans. For projects that do make it through, there is little support and a fee of 5-10% for minimal service.

This needs to change.

Acorn vision is to create a platform that truly supports founders. Acorn want to accept and support rather than reject and ignore. Acorn will never reject a legal and ethical project (see our project approval criteria) – if founders can fid backers, they deserve a platform that will support them.

Acorn Competitive Advantages

The Acorn Collective will have to compete with large, established platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, as well as new digital currency based platforms such as KickICO and FundYourselfNow.

In a nutshell, here’s how the plan to be better and grow Acorn user base

  1. Acorn are completely free for our users – Other platforms charge between 4% to 10% in fees.
  2. The crowdfunding market is still in its infancy, with a potential to reach anything from USD 90B to 1 trillion per year by 2025 (World Bank, 2013; MyPrivateBanking, 2015). Acorn will allow most legal projects to list on platform irrespective of where the project originates from and irrespective of each project’s type. Project types could include but are not limited to commercial, creative, research, charity and personal causes. they wish to expand project exposure in new markets where previous access and competition are low.
  3. Goods from successful projects can automatically be listed and sold on the Acorn Marketplace with no fees for campaign founders.
  4. Subject to the success of their ICO, we have designed Token Growth & Stability Mechanisms intended to increase the value of ACO starting after token distribution.

Acorn Ecosystem

Acorn Platform

Bridging the gap between campaign and future profiability

The Acorn Marketplace will be a post-campaign retail platform for goods and services that were successfully funded on The Acorn Hub, provided at no additional cost to Acorn founders. This will provide instant visibility while letting founders get a free and effective new sales channel to reach users who have already expressed an interest in crowdfunding and the projects.

While platform access is free for Acorn founders, the platform will also accept innovative 3rd party products for a small commission. The aim is to add value to the marketplace, Acorn founders and the ACO token, in the form of increased utility.

Usability of ACO Token

  • Backers will be able to fund projects using ACO token
  • The Acorn Marketplace will enable users to purchase goods and services using the ACO token
  • The Acorn Local mobile payment app allows point-of-sale transactions using the ACO token
  • Founders will be able to buy additional Acorn Support services with ACO tokens

Main ICO Phase

The Main ICO phase will last for a period of several weeks and is scheduled to take place in Feb 2018. The token will be priced at 250 ACO / 1 ETH, with a funding target of USD 50M and a stretch goal of USD 100M in ETH equivalent.

The minimum funding threshold is USD 5M in ETH equivalent, below which token backers will receive a refund. Tokens will again be distributed at the end of this  stage.

  • ACO priced at 250 ACO / 1 ETH
  • Minimum funding threshold will be USD 5M in ETH equivalent
  • Funding target of USD 50M and stretch target of USD 100M in ETH equivalent
  • Scheduled for Feb 2018 (TBC)
  • ACO minting to cease permanently if funding target is met

Next Steps

What happens next will depend on the following:

Funding threshold not reached
Minimum funding threshold Should not reach, the contributions from main token sale will be refunded to all investors. Contributions from the Pre-Sale phase will not be refunded and will be used to continue development of MVP and schedule another coin offering in the future.

Partial Success
If token sale exceeds the minimum threshold, but doesn’t reach target of USD 50M in ETH equivalent, Acorn will consider issuing a second tranche of ACO tokens at a later stage. Once Acorn have attained funding target, new minting will disable immediately and another token sale will never hold again.
If attain main target of USD 50M or more, the smart contract will disable new token generation forever.

For more information please visit

  1. Website
  2. ANN Acorn Collective Thread
  3. Whitepaper
  4. Telegram

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