World Wi-Fi — Decentalized free Wi-Fi network

Currently what technology is always needed and used by humans ? the answer is Internet. the Internet is an open global communications network that connects millions and even billions of computer networks with different types and types, using communication types such as phones, satellites and so on.

As we know internet access  is needed by people in their  daily live, the internet provides services to everyone as a means of information and as a means of communication without limitation.

One type of access to internet is wifi. (Wireless Fidelity) is a wireless connection such as mobile phones using radio technology so that users can transfer data quickly and safely. World Wi-Fi platform is present By providing free internet access via wi-Fi to users with World Wi-Fi platform usage system in collaboration with advertisers. so the use of the internet is increasing. With the increasing internet users the advertisers will be more benefited with the opportunity of advertisements posted on the internet that will be more click.

Challenges and Solution

Challenges Faced by Internet Users.

The first challenge is the difficulty to connect to an open Wi-Fi network in many places in the world. With no mobile internet, the user often sees private locked Wi-Fi networks which are impossible to connect to. Even in places with fast mobile Internet such as LTE some challenges are common: LTE Internet has limitations on the maximum traffic, speed, and it is generally more expensive. For tourists and travelers with medium or lower than medium income it is rather expensive to use LTE Internet while roaming. In fact, these are the first group of people to search out WiFi hot spots.

Solution: World Wi-Fi will enable the maximum area of residential housing worldwide using home routers, and also stimulate distribution of free Internet access in high traffic areas: cafes, bars, restaurants, playgrounds and sports grounds.

The second challenge is the cost for Internet access. For service providers, the provision of Internet access is a business that has a certain cost.

Solution: The World Wi-Fi project will enable free Wi-Fi access worldwide. The Internet access will become free as the guest user will just need to view a small ad (10–15 seconds).

The third challenge is lack of financial resources. Most people worldwide would like to make some additional money, particularly if it only involves sharing an asset that they already have.

Solution: The World Wi-Fi platform provides for an accrual of tokens for ad views. World Wi-Fi offer the opportunity for cryptocurrency by sharing Wi-Fi and displaying the ads within your network. You can build your own referral network and feel like you are an actual managing director of a communications provider. The World Wi-Fi project will establish simple and easy-to-understand conditions to earn some extra income. The amount of income will depend on the efforts of the participants and the efficiency of their actions only. You can either obtain a small amount every month spending a minimum of efforts or gain much more money by connecting many people with free Wi-Fi Internet.

Challenges Faced by Advertisers

The first challenge is a lack of required information about the target audience for whom the ad is displayed. In many cases, the advertiser ends up on a goose chase showing the ad to many more than those who are most likely to be interested, which increases the budget of the advertising campaign and decreases its efficiency. In particular, this is the case when promoting discretionary products with a clear-cut targeted audience. State-of-the-art Internet resources, such as search engines or social media provide means for ad targeting in a specific way; however, targeting parameters are extremely limited, with the cost of such an ad normally high.

Solution: World Wi-Fi enables the advertiser to select the audience based on search history, gender, age, social media profile, location (with levels of sophistication for such details as exact street, house or apartment). It is important to note that unlike the ad in search or social networks, a Wi-Fi user will focus on the ad video or banner displayed before accessing the Web. The cost of such advertising is much lower than that of advertising in search engines or social media outlets.

The second challenge is complexity and incapability of tracking the efficiency of an advertising campaign. Advertisers are unable to obtain the data as to who, when, and how many times the ad was displayed specifically. This makes it more difficult to analyze the advertising campaign for more sophisticated results. Owners of advertising media often intentionally overstate the statistical view data in order to receive a higher payment, since they know that the advertiser has no means to check the validity of the information.

Solution: On the World Wi-Fi platform, every advertiser can monitor in their account the most comprehensive and 100% reliable statistics. The history of all ad views is recorded on the blockchain and may not be fabricated.

How World Wi-Fi Operates

World Wi-Fi is a blockchain-based decentralized platform for users and advertisers. This chain has three key components:

  • Guest User, a person who connects to the open network access point and after viewing ads may use the Internet free of charge.
  • Router owner provides access to the open network and makes money by connecting guest users.
  • An Advertiser broadcasts ads to its target audience and pays to the router owner

When connected to the system, the router creates and makes available for guests one more network. It is isolated from the in-home network on the software level so those connected to the network will not have access to the computers on the main network of the router owner.

The router owner may set parameters, which are well suited to a public network (speed, maximum number of connections, number of ads to be viewed, and others).

When connecting to the guest network, guest users will see targeted ads, which possibly appeal to them.

The router owner’s income depends on who the users of his guest network are and on how many ads they view. The World Wi-Fi platform analyzes location, social media profiles, search history, and other parameters required for behavioral targeting. When there is an indication of a higher income guest on this network the more tokens are issued and effectively, the more the ad views will cost the advertisers.

World Wi-Fi develops the project with the support of the community so that everyone can make money in proportion to the growth of the World Wi-Fi network. The Referral Program provides an opportunity for active users to earn more on setting-up the global network by engaging new router owners.

The interface of World Wi-Fi platform is as simple and user-friendly as possible. Router owners can easily establish a guest network in just a few simple steps.

An Invite is required for connection to the platform. An Invite is a referral link connected to the user’s wallet in the system. The referral program operates as follows: all wallets pay a commission on ad views to those who have linked up with them. In this way, router owners are interested in the scalability of the system. Anyone may connect new participants via his own Invite and make a profit from ad views via their routers. This refers only to the allocation of the advertising budget where router owners never pay anything to each other. Initial Invites goes to ICO participants and the project team for the network development (initial Invites). The difference between initial Invites and reference Invites is only that their owners do not pay commissions to anybody in respect to the ad shown. In order to connect to the system, an initial Invite is needed to be received in the ICO, or a reference Invite, which could be provided by other users. Anyone may receive a reference Invite at the website of the platform World Wi-Fi

ICO Scheme

During the ICO, ERC20 tokens will be sold.
1 WeToken = 10 advertising impressions in World Wi-Fi = $0.1 – at ICO stage.
Today, the mid-market price of 10 targeted advertising impressions in Wi-Fi networks amounts to$0.3. Therefore, the original issue discount is included in the token price during the ICO.
To encourage interested router owners, advertisers, and investors, we will start pre-sale with 20%bonus in November. At the pre-sale and ICO stage, we will also distribute the first referral links.

The ICO starts at 18 March 2018.
The number of tokens is finite:
Total 600,000,000 WT will be issued.
During pre-sale and ICO, 258,000,000 WT will be available for purchase.

Unsold tokens will be destroyed.

With the introduction of World Wi-Fi, a new global and effective advertising market will be formed for Wi-Fi.

The emission of WeToken is programmed by smart-contract and will be carried out.

Road Map

For more information please visit

  1. Website
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  3. Telegram
  4. Whitepaper

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