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The growing era, the more advanced also the technology. Technology evolves over time and the level of sophistication increases. No wonder why so many advanced technologies are being developed today. Technological advance has a serious impact on the unemployment rate. Something that must be done by humans is now taken by machine or robot.  and  this cause the unemployment rate increases. All can be said good if it is still in a natural condition, what happens if unemployment increases? whether it will be good for human survival. For example, a machine that is on a highway that should be started by humans is now replaced by a machine. Even now every country is racing to make more advance technology, Imagine what it would be like if all the human work could do was taken by a robot or a machine. “What will we do later?”.

MDL Talent Hub probably won’t save the world, but the platform will certainly help make it brighter. One of the fundamental features of the project is that it will create jobs and give meaning to participants’ lives and lifestyles. Isn’t it nice when people can find a paying audience for their talents and monetize the time the spend on hobbies? MDL will make it easier! The familiar vision of the future portrayed in Brave New World is already part of our current reality, and as people consciously or subconsciously realize this they increasingly regret having dropped their hobbies and instead push their children to learn to be more artistic. With this underlying demand in established and circulating, MDL Talent Hub is conceptually what should happen sooner or later to best engage it, and we are happy to be those facilitators. 

Market Description and Market Problems

Market Description

Talent agency – the practice of representing entertaining talent. Talent agents, also known as booking agents, find work for authors, musicians, actors, voice-over artists, film directors, music or film producers, models, professional athletes and others working in various areas of the entertainment business. – Definition from

The majority of the talents in the entertainment industry operate on a freelance basis, as each new project generally has new requirements. Thus it takes time and effort to establish new working relations, locate key talents, discuss and confirm job conditions, make sure that they will deliver what is requested, secure their working conditions, manage payment, and so on.

Market Problems

Since the market is continuing to grow there is a sound call for regulations and transparency arising from both sides – bookers and talents. More particularly, the following problems are prevalent within existing talent-booker relations:

  1. Search. Publicizing job info is resource-intensive while it nevertheless remains difficult to locate decent talent. Current supply and demand are obscure, and channels are not consolidated. Bookers remain unaware of talents’ schedules, extending the time it takes time to contact them individually. Current search models and methods are outdated both technologically and logistically.
  2. Reputation. Tracking the blacklist for talents and bookers is difficult, as there is no unified database for that. Job conditions are not described clearly, and subsequently talents experience lying and rudeness from bookers. Often there are no fixed prices for jobs, ending with a lot of money cut from agreements or low offers from the bookers. Meanwhile talents often misbehave or cheat by exaggerating their parameters and skills.
  3. Presentation. Collecting and presenting casting info is time-consuming. The final client often goes for talents with basically qualifying presentation materials instead of those who would be the best fit.

MDL Platform as The Solution

The MDL platform is created for both talents and bookers to make their lives more convenient and efficient.
The platform will help to resolve existing issues and make life better for conscientious market participants.

Specifically, The Platform going to do the following:

  1. The Platform will to determine and develop simple solutions for both bookers and talents, beginning with an easy-to-use booking system, appealing talent profiles, time-management tools, talent catalogs for final clients, and more
  2. consolidate the existing market on one platform, greatly simplifying talent and job searches.
  3. Using blockchain technology a rating system will establish for every participant and thus bring transparency and credibility to the market.

MDL - Mine Distributed Ledger

MDL Talent Hub will utilize PIDS technologies (IPFS, CXO, etc), which will allow information to be stored in a distributed manner on users’ devices and miners, raising access, speed, and security of information much higher.

In order to compensate our users and miners we will establish bounty program by which anyone can get a certain number of MDL Tokens for storing info about talents, events, and so forth. Received in such a way, MDL Tokens can be spent on MDL Talent Hub for other valuables or exchanged to other crypto or fiat currency.

At the moment there are two promising technologies that we might utilize in future, which are InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) and Skyledger (CXO). IPFS is already operating and all media materials from our blog are stored there, although mining is not yet enabled. However we expect that sooner or later it will be possible to earn bounty by mining data in IPFS.

Skyledger, in turn, is a newly developing phenomenon, but is strongly backed by the IT community. Participants in the Skywire community will be able to set up their hardware or Skywire miners to power the MDL network, providing access for photos, videos, and all necessary metadata.

Skyledger is the “new internet” and we’re all excited to be building together and thrilled to be the first working app in this environment.

MDL Token and Pre-ITO

In order to prepare for ITO,  required ca. $500.000. This amount will allow to launch ITO campaign in March 2018, where  expected to raise ca. $20m for the development of the platform, cross-border scaling and business development, as well as for R&D and further implementation of BC & PIDS technologies.

In January 2018 is the planning to conclude Pre-ITO for MDL the Token. MDL Token was issued on the 8th of October 2017 on Waves platform in the amount of 100.000.000.

Token asset information can be found under -

In order to join the Pre-ITO sale, participants should install Waves wallet. Please proceed to

During the Pre-ITO in January 2018 we will distribute 50% of the total amount, which is 50,000,000 tokens, at an average price of $0,01. 20% of the amount will be spent on bounties and 30% will remain with the team.

Every individual from the whitelist will be able to purchase MDL token up to $20000 in ETH, BTC, BCH, SKY, and Waves. Payments should be received up-front.

The Pre-ITO will last for three weeks and will be done manually. The soft cap of the pre-crowdsale is $500,000 and hard cap is $600,000.

For the ITO  new MDL Token will issued  on Skyledger in the amount of The Pre-ITO MDL Token will be exchanged to the new ITO Token in the proportion (1:1).

During the ITO in early March is  planned to distribute 40% of the total amount (400.000.000 MDL Tokens) in order to raise $20m, thus average price of the token will be about $0,05, which is 5x from the Pre-ITO sale.

Soft cap for ITO will be $10m and hard cap is $25m. Individual purchase cap TBD. The rest 60% of the pool will be left for mining, ecosystem economy, and bounty programs. The shares of the pool TBD.

For more information please visit

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