LETBET -The Future Of Online Gambling

Gambling is now evolving and becoming a gambling agent portal and run into  a high increase. this is because every year internet usage  is growing rapidly and progress is very fantastic. This is one of the most influential factors to the development of gambling in the world. Many online businesses and online business sites that participate in growing an online gambling also become an attraction that makes the members become happy because it is easy to play.

With this online gambling site you no longer need to go abroad to be able to play casino gambling. Simply sit back at home then we can play gambling online. The main factor in gambling today is how to choose a trusted online gambling site that exists today. given the many emerging online gambling sites that can be found on the internet. Ads are popping up from banners on websites, sms, and even now ads on instagram about online gambling. Members and bettors must choose and be confused in choosing an online gambling site that has a very high competition to convince bettors from online gambling sites that exist today.

Playing on a trusted online gambling site is the most fun entertainment for bettors. Especially if the gambling players who have become a habit to fill the spare time and also get huge benefits from this online gambling site.

Being a Trusted and Experienced Online Gambling Site must be able to overcome the existing problems,  so that members who join will be comfortable in playing on the gambling site, these are  some of the issues currently which has should face by online gambling

  • Illegal tax avoidance
  • Player discernment
  • Security
  • Trust
  • Slow
  • Unreliability

What is Let Bet ?

LetBet is set to create a revolution in the online gambling industry. a platform that creates an innate trust in a potentially corrupt system for one to win a game (players’ view), get rewarded (developers’ view), and fair gambling (the service providers’ view) through a decentralized system is replaced by smart contracts through blockchain semantics in a trustless, borderless, secure, and fast online gambling system that benefits all. These are platform offers :

A Trustless platform: You don’t need to trust the system, everything is written in Smart Contract. Hence you are not playing games at the mercy of the service provider, game developer, bankroll backers and the platform owners. You lose because your chances were limited and you win simply because your chances were high and maybe depended on your experience with the game. The bottom line is that game outcomes are not due to prior knowledge or system manipulations

A Zero-Privacy Platform: You don’t need to share any personal information. What you

need is just a wallet. An Anonymous Platform: You are hidden from the internet, our platform is only interested in your optimal satisfaction while placing your bets online rather than focusing on knowing your name, your favorites and so on. All we are interested in is that you place your bet, get the outcome and be rewarded.

A Reliable Platform: Thanks to Blockchain technology and our decentralised systems, you can play whenever you want and cease the worry about corruption or trusting a third party.

A Secured Platform: Online gambling with LetBet is secure. This means that no one has prior knowledge or access to your online wallet. This is unlike the traditional system where details of your wallet are stored on a secure server that is not entirely free from destruction and hacking. With the LetBet platform, you are totally responsible for your security. You own the private key to your wallet, which can be stored on your local computer or on a cloud based server that is totally under your control. You only need to deploy your private key or upload your wallet from your local computer to initiate a game.

A Transparent Platform: Everything is transparent, from the time you make your deposit, to the time when your game result will be out, you would have it recorded in a way that is immutable and visible to every person.

A Fast Platform: Through hard work, we’ve created an optimized platform that ensures fast content and service delivery anytime. On the average, the chain in our block takes less than a second to process your request at any given time. By fast, we mean, it is easy to open account, get coin, and play; easy to deposit or withdraw; our blockchain is customized to execute transaction faster

Coin Model & Crowdsale Details

LBT is the coin that will be used throughout the LetBet platform. It will be used on the LetBet platform to store value, as a unit of account, and as the sole medium of exchange. LBT plays a premier role on the LetBet platform. Below are some of the specific functions of LBT to the LetBet platform.

For users: LBT will be used as the coin to play game on our platform

For bookmakers: Bookmakers who intend to participate on our platform, would need to do that by simply making a minimum deposit of about (let say 10.000 LBT) to our SmartContract to provide their games

For bookmakers/game providers: LBT will also be used by Bookmakers and game providers to buy games already developed by our developers and available on our platform.

For hosters: Hosters would also make use of the LBT to host a single game for other players to play

For developers: who want to develop their own game and submit to our platform. LBT can only be bought during the ICO phase, after this, all pre-mined coin not distributed, will be burned, and the user can ONLY get LBT from:

  • (CoinExchange,Yobix, hitBTC …)
  • Affiiate
  • Bet
  • Host ( we provide some games, and you will host that game for other to bet)

Coin Distribution and Fund Allocation

Coin Distribution

A total of 199M coins will be distributed in the following order:

  1. 50% coin will be issued in ICO.
  2. 15% coin will be reserved for third-party developers.
  3. LBT will hold 15% coin
  4. 20% coin will be used for audit, bounty, affiliate program


Fund Allocation

  1. 30% allocated to platform development
  2. 20% allocated to betting development
  3. 20% of marketing, legal & professional costs
  4. 20% allocated to a reserve
  5. 10% of operation & other costs

For more information please visit

  1. Website
  2. ANN LETBET Thread
  3. Whitepaper

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