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The development of the world of technology is now running very rapidly . Everything is racing with the times and needs of many people. The Internet is the core of all human movements today . Many things can be done with the internet . Such as sword, the internet has two edges. Depending on the user’s wisdom so that the effects received will also be different . If internet users use for positive things , then be useful for human life . Diversely.

Cryptocurrency is now booming. With blockchain technology all transactions can be done through this. People can benefit greatly from this technology. But the speed of the development of blockchain technology is not followed by the awareness of people in using of it.

The core issue is that cryptocurrency technology is progressing at a rapid pace, and with every new improvement, the differences between / in the prospective users are made. Protocols that facilitate transaction speed and cost, block and size structures, second layer solutions, etc. Prioritize chain or network upgrades, keeping the user experience of / in the second layer.

User experience is very important in terms of mass adoption and active use. To convince the average consumer that decentralized financial solutions are at the same level as their centralized counterparts, or even better in the case of certain uses, we must seeking of tools that function is a playgrounds for developers and innovators and as a place play for others. A simple and intuitive user interface is designed with one goal in mind, that we all grow together.

What is Atlas ?

Atlas is a platform for those who take the first step in the world of cryptocurrency, for enthusiasts and seekers of simplicity who are seeking to utilize decentralized, intuitive, and combined tools and technologies to achieve maximum results in the cryptocurrency market.

Atlas is a powerful and flexible Blockchain Development Platform designed for the needs of individuals who need access to a simple, decentralized and accessible tool. Tools that facilitate interaction with real-world financial services, businesses, and other organizations. Atlas is built on STRATIS, the implementation of the C # and. NET framework of Bitcoin.

Platforms Solutions

The atlas solution to the world’s cryptocurrency is to use simplicity to drive mainstream adoption through familiar technology, which we grow together, like email. Email is a different technology, since it was created in 1965 as an imperfect Mailbox, continues to deliver to this day.

With email a lot of things that can be done to help the process of transactions via the internet. Email notifications and authorizations can support the transaction process or cryptocurrency activities. Often people put aside the function of this email or electronic mail. Later it can be made as a kind of assistant to help your transaction. Now there is a platform that can make it come true to our lives. And that platform is Atlas.

Being an One-stop solution:  By providing curative tools that will serve all the necessary crypt needs. Silicon Valley to refugee camps and conflict zones, such as:

  • @las – E-mail your crypto-wallet assistant from the comfort of your email; . Pre-filled smart contact intuitive templates available at click distance; . D @ pp Store – sells decentralized digital goods and services; .
  • Pre-filled smartContracts intuitive templates available at click distance;
  • D@pp Store – sell decentralized digital goods and services;
  •  DecentraX – Decentralized exchanges, which will list all Atlas tokens, and incentivize users from the cost of expanding the network.

Token Details

The AtlasPlatform token $ATPL is an ERC20 token and a smart contract built on the Ethereum blockchain, and designated to represent the AtlasPlatform stand-alone blockchain token, until the deployment of the MAINet. Following this standard, $ATPL tokens are easily transferable between users and platforms using ERC20-compatible wallets and can be smoothly integrated into exchanges.

ICO Details

The public ICO will be held on the website starting on May 12th 00:01 UTC, for a duration of 36 days ending on June 15th 23.59 UTC.

In order to stand out in a crowd of competitors we decided to organize the ICO on the principle of “value transfer” so all-coins that have proven significant value over time can be accepted. By default  ETH, LTC, BTC deposit wallets will be generated upon registration, other coins/tokens could be accepted by submitting a request.

For more information please visit

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