CODE Of TALENT – Micro-learning solution based on blockchain technology

Education is an activity that is common to every human on earth. Education is inseparable from all human activities. Under no circumstances, human can not resist the effects of the application of education. According to the containers that organize education, education can be divided into formal, informal and non-formal education.

Formal education is any form of organized or tiered education or training . Examples are elementary , junior high , high school and public and private universities . Informal education is a type of education or training that is contained within the family or community that is held without any particular organization . Non-formal education is all forms of education provided for an organized manner but outside the formal education container.

But in reality there are still many people that have not received a decent education, due to the factors and errors that make it happen, four major problems are present in today’s educational market landscape :

  • Billions of people do not have access to good teachers
  • Classroom learning is mostly theoretical and boring, not adapted to modern distracted learners and millennials
  • Despite the fact that internet provides free learning opportunities in abundance, people are not motivated to learn
  • Education does not solve the disconnect between theory and skills

E-learning industry is failing to deliver results due to the lack of key factors such as effective engagement, personalisation of content and lack of human interaction. Code of Talent creates a micro-revolution in the Education landscape. It empowers educators to boost learner’s motivation during classroom or as a follow-up, allowing anyone on the planet to join, contribute and learn.

Code of Talent is the world’s first blockchain powered micro-learning platform, designed to ignite people’s motivation to learn by :

  1. Earning rewards as they learn
  2. 10 min of daily learning sessions
  3. Direct teacher interaction within groups of maximum 40 participants

The platform will use the Ethereum’s smart contract to incentivise contributors with tokens, based on a community validated merit-based rewarding system. Learners, anywhere in the world, will be rewarded for their progress and achievements while educators will receive tokens based on the quality, interactivity and engagement of their micro-learning content.

Code of Talent also builds a sustainable ecosystem and token economy by  Integrating premium content providers, employers, advertisers and sponsors.

Key Benefits

Code of Talent provides the following key benefits to its users :

Token Details

Code of Talent will issue an Ethereum ERC20 compatible token, with the core utility of being part of the incentive system that will reward the platform’s contributors and that will be used to pay for services within the platform.

The Code of Talent platform will use Ethereum’s smart contract mechanism to incentivise its users on a merit-based system by allocating a specific number of tokens for this purpose. Our aim is to have a zero-inflation platform and thus we built an economy token model that captures a percentage of the platform’s revenues and uses it for the regular incentive token allocation by the system.

Token Sale Details

They will provide a total number of 280,000,000 Code of Talent tokens (CODE) for sale. The value of one CODE token will be 0.10 USD calculated as the equivalent in ETH, which will be fixed once the pre-sale starts.

The Pre-sale TGE (token generative event) starting date is 9th of July and will end on 5th of August 2018.

During the pre-sale TGE period, CODE Tokens will be sold applying following bonuses:

During the Pre-sale period, contribution will be limited to a minimum of 5 ETH and a maximum of 2,000 ETH.

The TGE (token generative event) sale will start on 6th of August and will end on 19th of September 2018.

During Day 1 of the TGE sale period, the bonus will be 3%.
During the first 4 hours of the TGE the following individual caps will apply:
Max. Contribution = 1 ETH
After the first 4 hours of the TGE, the individual cap will be removed.
During the Sale period, contribution will be limited to a minimum of 0.1 ETH and a maximum of 100 ETH.

For more information please visit

  1. Website
  2. Whitepaper
  3. Telegram

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